Forwarding Enquiry: Sponsor from MaGIC

MaGIC 6 years ago updated by Justin Lye 6 years ago 5
Good evening ! My name is Justin Lye Zhi Hao from USM, University Sains Malaysia. I'm taking New Media Design and Technology as my major. So, basically, I wanted to ask about the sponsorship for our final year project. Every year we will organise an exhibition for our final year project, we call it as RINTIS. We will be grateful if we get the sponsor from Magic. We will send informations and letters for you to prove that we are from the School of the Arts, USM. But, I was wondering which email is more suitable for me to send ? We are sincerely to hope you can give us a chance to listen what are we going to do. It is because during the exhibition, we have a lot of installation of the art, product design, graphic design exhibition and so on. Please give us a chance to explain.
Hi, Good Afternoon. Any conditions or requirements to get the sponsorship from Magic? 
Good afternoon. Any updates from Magic? 
Dear Justin, thank you for your email submission, however, regret to inform, that MaGIC is a government agencies and we're a non profit organization. Most of our budget and expenditure allocated by Minister of Finance and we're in no capacity to sponsor any event or programs. Please do not hesitate to call our personnel, Andi Suswandi at andi@mymagic.my for further clarification.
Alright. Thank You Very Much.