Forwarding Enquiry: Information regarding incentives for start-up in Malaysia

MaGIC 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2
Dear Madams or Sir,

We would be very interested in getting some information regarding the incentives grantable to start-up in Malaysia.

Indeed, reference is made to the 2015 Budget Speech given on 10th October 2014 by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Malaysia where the following statement provides:

"To attract more expatriate entrepreneurs establish Startups in Malaysia, the paid-up capital for Startups is set at RM75,000. Eligible expatriate Startup entrepreneurs will be given Work Pass for one year."

Could you kindly provide some clarification on such statement (e.g. if this status can give access to some tax incentives) and if any implementations have occurred yet?

Thank you very much.
This is related to the previous post answered here.

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