Forwarding Enquiry: Co-working Space Prerequisites

MaGIC 5 years ago updated by Alina Megat 1 year ago 3
I would like to inquire regarding the co-working @ Magic. Are there any prerequisites to enable one to qualify for this?
Under review

We don't have prerequisites for coworking space. However we will have to sit for an interview to understand you and your business and see how you will fit or complement the coworking community in MaGIC.

We provide space for any tech driven startups looking for support especially in office space, technical skills, mentorship and academic programs among many.

If you are looking for an office where you get to meet other entrepreneurs to share knowledge and ideas, as well as having technical, academic and accelerator programs next door, then you are looking at the right place.

Feel free to drop by or set an appointment and get to know the space.


Coworking is a business service provided to individuals or companies who are working solitarily or jointly in a shared office space. Businesses and companies uses this space to provide their employees with services, facilities and more importantly the space..