Does MAGIC helps startup companies apply for patents for a new product or give funds for patent application

nehemiah labar 6 years ago updated by MaGIC 6 years ago 4
Hi there

I have a new design and concept for the a 3d printer. We have build prototypes and would like to patent the ideas and start a company to manufacture and build the printer.

I would to know does MAGIC helps start ups with the application of patents. or provide funds for us to hire patent attorneys to do this for us.

Hi Nehemiah,

MaGIC can facilitate your application by directing you to MyIPO, organisation in charge of patents in Malaysia. We'll invite MyIPO in this thread, in effort to provide you with needed answer.

Best regards.
Hi Nehemiah,

Thank you for your inquiries.

As for the printer, we need to clarify on which part of the printer, you wish to be protected.

Generally speaking, mere ideas and concepts are not subject to protection. We do not protect things which have yet to be materialized.

Nevertheless, if it is the appearance ie the design of the printer itself, yes, it could be protected under Industrial Design.

Likewise, if the concept you were referring to is actually the function of the printer, it may be protected under Patent.

But then again, these are just the general concepts of IP. Each and every component of IP has their own special features and requirements which need to be met. Until and unless the conditions are fulfilled, the product, although at the initial instance may appear as though it may be protected, it could finally be otherwise.

We need to look into the products itself to identify the specific protection you wish to seek from us.

For any inquiries, you may contact 03-22998400.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.