How does small company to hire an expat

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We are small company that require to hire a French expat that specializing on tailor made French language program. We submit application online through ESD Service however got rejected few times as one of the requirement is paid up capital of RM 200K at least. Our company is specializing in tailor made French language program for schools, higher institutions and corporate companies. Can MAGIC direct us to agency that may able to assist us as entrepreneur we cannot have high paid up capital. 
Thank you for your assistance. 

Jurina Sufian
Dear Jurina,

Kindly follow up with the Immigration Department as this a non related matter to SSM.
Hi Jurina,

Heads up that MaGIC is in the pipeline to introduce a MaGIC Accelerator Program with a targeted launch date in Q1/Q2 2015. Foreigners would be able to co-found start-up enterprises with a minimal RM75,000 paid up capital requirement.This topic was discussed here.

Best regards.