Forwarding Enquiry: Advice needed for a new startup

MaGIC 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3
Hi Magic team,

I am Sabrina from the Localusher team and we are working on a new idea. We are going to provide a platform to connect the locals in Malaysia to travelers who want a most authentic taste of Malaysia. The locals will bring the travelers around based on their interests.
We are very excited about this idea because we love traveling and are passionate in bringing out hidden gems in Malaysia to the world. We already have a website at www.localusher.com and we are currently talking to interested locals who are keen on being localushers.
However, we have some doubts regarding the legal aspects. Do we have to apply for a license to do this? We have just submitted an application to Cradle but to be honest, we have no funding for now except for what we can pool out ourselves. We most certainly prefer to not commit to any monetary burdens before we actually achieve anything. But we do not want to fall into any illegal category too.
Thus, we need some expert advice on this. Thanks for taking the time to consider our questions.
Get more information from Tourism Centre (TDC), furthermore please contact our call centre 03-2995317 or 03-22994719