Forwarding Enquiry: Funding for Development Product

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My name is Dr Khairul Faizi, im a Medical Doctor with interests in a unified healthcare information exchange between healthcare providers. I own a small Hospital down north and had worked in a Emergency department of an IT hospital. Which is why i know information exchange is a crucial problem to be be solved because

1. multiple systems in use, hence a patient info is 'stuck' in one hospital
2. Too many information needed to be transfered
3. Compliance of doctors to enter the information- not friendly and time consuming interface.
4. information is crucial in every step of management of a patient- from diagnosis to dischagre.

I have been working with 2 friends of mine who are programmers themselves for the past few months on how to make the interface simple for doctors to use, enables healthcare providers to receive information on the patient at the tip of their fingers and enables management of patients to be optimized, a project we named as REMEDi.

I see a lot of support that MaGIC can provide but how and where to start?
We have a under development product which is very promising but commitments seems to become a barrier to all of us.

I hope MaGIC can provide more information as to
1. Help us make this product a 'Malaysian' global product to be used for all healthcare providers
2. Help us to secure funding necessary for this process
Hi Khairul, under the MaGIC Academy, Programmer Finishing School, your product might be developed here. Take a look and see if you're interested to discuss further with us.
Searching answer
Hi There.

The development part is done but we want some guidance on
1. how to incorporate ourselves.
2. Any party interested to have a look at the product
3. Any MaGic programmes that will be relevant for us to join.

Hi Khairul,
To answer your enquiries:

1. How to incorporate ourselves - You can either setup a Sole Proprietorship if you want to have sole ownership of your startup or Private Limited if your partner will have share in it too. Other factors such as liability & capital determine type of incorporation suitable to you. You can learn more here.

2. Any party interested to have a look at the product - This will be part of the validation of your prototype. Go meet with as much hospital, ask them if your product really solve their problem, will they pay for the service? is your product better than what they already using? Also, go meet authority in the medical industry, ask them if there laws or regulation that against your business model, eg: PDPA.

3. Any MaGic programmes that will be relevant for us to join. - You have developed your prototype, now you may be interested to join MaGIC Accelerator Program, by the end of this program, your startup would have progressed from prototype ready to investment ready.