Forwarding Enquiry: Looking for investors

MaGIC 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2
We are in the process of launching a crowd funding company, of which we are looking for partners with websites already built, who may want to raise capital for their firms. We have not launched the website yet, but we are accepting ideas and companies. I saw your site, and thought you may have a variety of ideas for this company or other projects you are working on. Basically, we would be looking to review business plans, financials if they exist, websites, videos if they exist promoting the company, and of course to know how much money is needed to be raised.

We may also be looking for investors for the platform, if you are interested, we just need to know from investors what jurisdiction you are in. Please contact me via email, and we can correspond. We also list companies on stock exchanges as a service, if going public is of interest, also please let me know.
Hi, MaGIC do not invest in startups or companies, but we do host program that match startups with investors. If you like to get in touch with investors, do let us know. We'll assist anywhere possible.

We are also excited that you're about to launch a crowd funding startups. FYI, MaGIC hosted a comprehensive resources portal known as MaGIC Central Resource Tool where we bring up the visibility of product & services that support entrepreneurship in Malaysia. If you're interested to have your upcoming crowd funding platform be included in the portal, email to moderator@mymagic.my 

Best regards.