I need a fund for my business

Kumutha 3 years ago updated by MaGIC 3 years ago 4

Hi Kumutha, 

In order to assist you further, we need more info.

Can you explain further what business you're building right now? What is your current stage of business?

warmest greetings to you.

Thank you for your assist and reply.

I  am a BBA degree holder. Currently i m doing my own business manufacturing custom made apparels. I have registered my business in ROB. I have license from Majlis Perbandaran Selayang. I have own show room and factory stitching apparels. I m 5 years in this business. I m doing corporate shirts, uniforms and all other custom made apparels in bulk. 

Currently i have orders for school uniforms in big scale for supply to Shopping malls and supermarkets. For that i need more funds as capital for my business. I have to buy some machineries and materials for that. I wants to build my business in big scale

Hi Kumutha, 

Good to hear your business is expanding. We see that you loan would be suitable for you nature of business, there are options for loan as you can refer at our Resource Tool site here.