Anyone interested to build startup OR work for startups in Melaka? [Seeking Advice - outside Klang Valley]

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Anyone has experience in hiring/building startup in lower tier cities? For example: Ipoh, Muar etc. We (peeps from Melaka) would like to learn more about this!

[Work for startups in Melaka]

Especially for experienced sales, digital marketing & web developers

Softinn, a fast-growing travel startup is hiring multiple positions in Melaka! 


[Build startup in Melaka]

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Thanks @MaGIC, sorry for the mistake. Please remove the the post. 

Also, as stated in the post, we're still very much interested to learn about tips or experience in hiring for/building startup in lower tier cities. Appreciate if you can assist on this.

MaGIC have established a satellite MaGIC at Kuching. The place known as Borneo 744 hosts venue and infrastructure for startups in Kuching. We have Amirin who helps building the community and running the place there. 

Should you need to speak with him, you can book for a time with him at our Mentorship page here. Can do it via Video Call too.