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Do you need to register your business in each country you expand to?

chux18 2 years ago updated by Alina Megat 1 year ago 4

For example 100% of your operations are in the Philippines, but you want to expand your platform in say Malaysia. In this scenario, you are sitll keeping 100% operations in the Philippines. The question is, when will you be required to register as a company in Malaysia? Thanks in advance. :)

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With reference to your inquiry regarding expanding your business in Malaysia. Could you please share some details regarding the business activity? This will help us, to give an overall insight about the whole process of the expansion. 

But for starters, if the business activity has any payment transactions involved within Malaysia, then the company needs to be registered. Reason being, in case the company has any local clients from Malaysia, they will prefer paying to a legal entity from Malaysia. 

Furthermore, if the company is applying for any programs inside Malaysia, they will require company registration. 

Hi there, thanks for the response. We are an online platform similar to how a classified ads website work. All of the payments go through PayPal and 100% of the operations are in the Philippines. In this scenario, will the company be required to register before starting any operations?

My other question is, what if the company expands its platform presence in Malaysia (or other SEA), while delaying monetization for 1 or 2 years. Can the company expand its presence with no registration since its not receiving payments yet from local people in Malaysia?

Thanks so much this is really helpful!

Thanks for the detailed reply. 
In this case, it purely depends on what services you wish to receive from Malaysian service provider and very much depending on their application to have a company registration.

If you have any further queries, you can email us on ace@mymagic.my 

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