Why there is no more data analytics course or please have some IR4.0 related tech courses??!!

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I found the programs offered are becoming more and more unfriendly for working adults who keen to explore the technologies. What happened to MaGIC compared to 3-4 years back?? When courses are skill set based and short term tech courses were collaborated pro actively back then when Christine was the CEO. 

Dear Sir/ Madam

Thank you for writing in and for your interest in our courses. While it is yet to be listed, we will be delivering a class on IoT Application in September and you can find it here when it's listed soon. There are also several options for enthusiasts and professionals wishing to learn the latest technologies; you may find them at ADAX , iTrainMDEC, also at Coursera and Udemy. Is there anything specific that you are looking for? We'd be happy to look into your recommendations. On another note, please feel free to peruse our list of Mentors should you want the support.

We hope the above helps.

Thanks, but it seems in Udemy etc even ADAX directory are directing to 3rd parties. I am saying there is no more organic collaboration within MaGIC and MDEC that really drives working professionals to learn at their personal interests level whom can be people from different sectors but keen to explore a common technologicsl skill eg data analytics. It was done is subsidised manner in the pasts and you can imagine a hall of diversed professionals in the class learning the same technology. 

Everyone can learn from Internet but that is not the point here. 

This is just the information I am finding everywhere. Thanks for your blog, I just subscribe your blog. This is a nice blog..

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