Creating a Startup ecosystem in East Malaysia

Chandima Wijendra 6 years ago updated by Edwin Engbat Gara 2 years ago 7
HI there! MaGIC seems to be focusing in West Malaysia's startup ecosysyem. What about building a startup ecosytem in East Malaysia? It might be difficult and it takes the local community in East Malaysia to start it. But what it really takes to build one? 

I'm currently a student from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and also working on my startup which focuses on wearable technology and mobile application. It's quite difficult to be traveling up and down to KL to join accelarator programs, meet investors, meet companies for partnership.
Hi Chandima, 

Good to hear from you and sorry for late reply. Your startups sound interesting! 

We are going to KK next weekend to organize events on UI and UX, together with GBG KK, does that make it easier for you to access? If you are coming maybe we can have further discussions?
Hello there! Sorry for the late reply, didn't noticed your reply. I was away from Malaysia this week and I'll be in KL until end of next month. If you are around, I can arrange a meeting with you?
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Hi Chandima,

You can book an appointment to meet us or Dr. Lau using MaGIC Central Weekly Interaction here. Note your enquiry and the person you wish to meet and we'll match the person with you.

Best regards.

I am in East Malaysia too but in the northen part of Sarawak. It will be great if we can join the program here in East Malaysia.