Opportunities for Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs

Elizabeth Abetiolad GreatTea 5 years ago updated by MaGIC 5 years ago 2
Hi, My name is Elizabeth...I would like to enquire about generating ideas for a social Enterprise ....I also need help on writing my thesis on social entrepreneurship. I wlll also like to enquire about progams, seminars and opportunities for aspiring SE.
Hi Elizabeth,

Social Enterprise is an entity that achieves a social mission by using a business model. Social Enterprise combine elements of NGOs and for-profit companies. To help you generate idea for your Social Enterprise, you can download MaGIC SE 101 or join MaGIC Social Enterprise Bootcamp. It's an intensive 48-hour course specifically designed for aspiring and early stage social enterprises to develop and validate their social enterprise idea.

To learn more about MaGIC SE programs and opportunities, do explore MaGIC Social Entrepreneurship site and you can also download Social Enterprise Blueprint here.

Best regards.