Biotech Incubation Centre

Mycelia Mushroom 6 years ago updated by TPM 6 years ago 3
I made known that TPM has a biotech incubation centre.
How much is the rental, its built up area and how to apply for?


Under review
Under review

Thank you for your interest in TPM Biotechnology Incubation Centre (BIC).

The rental rate at Biotechnology Incubation Centre (BIC) ranges from 1537 sq. ft to 1783 sq. ft. The price includes usage of water and electricity within common area ,Internet connection and usage of shared facilities.

Size of lab ranges 344 to 527 sq ft. As of to date, Oct 2014, there is no vacant space at BIC.

For further enquiries, you can contact our Tenancy Management & Client Relations Office at 03-8996-1785/8996-6117/89982221 or email info@tpm.com.my