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I am Ahmad Muzaffar, Master Candidate 1st Year, Keio University, Japan.
I was graduated from the Department of Electronics Engineering at the same university.

I knew about MaGIC from my senior, Mr. Khairil Adri, the founder and CEO of DreamEDGE Company. I believe that MaGIC has sparked great efforts towards promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

My passion is inventing new technology using sensors and electronic devices as well as doing business. I stayed in Japan for almost 3 years and I am doing research mainly on developing device platform for sensors. Japan is a great model of innovative country especially in sensors technology.

I really want to transfer the technology and innovation to Malaysia.Does MaGIC provide any chance or platform for young researchers especially students to work part time or provide any grant for them to contribute in new inventions?

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Hi Ahmad Muzaffar, 

MaGIC are taking interns, technical and general interns for students. Apply here.

With regards to fundings in new inventions, we are assigning Cradle to advise further.

Best regards.
Hi Ahmad Muzaffar,

You can visit to our Cradle website regarding more info about fundings offered by Cradle, click here

CIP Catalyst’s investment focus is in diverse areas of ICT and high growth technology industries, including software and information services, internet: e-services, e-commerce and e-content, communication and networking: mobile data, high-tech consumer and business products, electronic and semi-conductors, medical devices and advance materials and biotechnology and life sciences, environmental resources management, renewable energy and technology innovation created for any industry. If you sincerely feel that your idea falls under the definition that we have stated, you are most welcome to submit your application. Successful applicants may receive up to RM150,000 per idea/application, subject to CIP approval.

For CIP Catalyst programme, there’s basic eligibility which is need to follow in order to apply :
*Main applicant is Malaysian aged 18 years and above, and
*Main applicant is permanently residing in Malaysia, and
*The team comprises a minimum of two (2) applicants and a maximum of five (5) applicants.
CIP 500 is the first pure technology commercialization fund in Malaysia that provides grant of up to RM500, 000 to help budding Malaysian companies with innovative technology ideas/product to attain commercialization. This fund is aim to create companies that are sizeable, sustainable or venture capital (VC)-fundable. In addition to this CIP 500 fund, it also provides necessary commercialization support.

The company that applies for the CIP500 grant must be a Sdn Bhd company complying with the eligibility terms that state:
* At least 51% of the company's equity is held by Malaysians, and
* Company in operations for less than three (3) years, and
* Company's total revenue is not more than RM5mil in its total financial history, and
* Company owns the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of the products and/or services, which is intended for commercialization
* Company already has a prototype which only requires another 8% to 10% product refinement work to meet market & industry's expectations/demands.