Forwarding Enquiry: Cost for Apps making

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Greetings to MAGIC,

Inquiry about cost for Apps making
Me and my friend just graduated from UPM, and we thought of creating a commercial apps to encourage car pooling in university. Both of us can't make apps, so we are thinking of having others to make the apps for us. We want to know the cost of making and (monthly) maintenance such car pooling apps, before we decide whether it worth for us to put in more effort, such as marketing research and to discuss with university.

I'm not very sure if this is something to seek assistant from MAGIC, but could you gave me a rough idea on the typical price range on making mobile apps (android and ios), and their maintenance fees? Or provide me a list of company who does provide such services?

Below are a rough draft of how the apps will be use:
1. Login page (Based on university given ID and Password, therefore no need for Sign Up option.)
2. Driver or Passenger upload offer on prices and location, and wait for matching.
3. After the system match, both party(Driver/Passenger) can view the information of other party, and make final confirmation whether to accept the 'Deal'.
4. Once 'Deal', payment will be deduct from Passenger account, but we will hold on to the payment until the Passenger confirm that the drive is over, then only we transfer the payment to Driver account after deducting our services charge.

We hope MAGIC can shed us some light.

Thank you.
Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings from MDeC.

Thank you for your post.

With regards your enquiry on apps making, we would glad to arrange a meeting with you in order   for us to better assist you.

The below are the meeting details:

 Date : 17th of Oct

Time : 10 am

Venue : MDeC

MSC Malaysia HQ

2360 Persiaran APEC

63000 Cyberjaya


Kindly confirm on your availability for the meeting by replying to clic@mdec.com.my or contacting us at1800-88-8338/+603-83153000 (if you are calling from outside of Malaysia).

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you. 


Kavita Devi Rajandran
MDeC Client Contact Centre (CliC)
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