Forwarding Enquiry: MaGIC Roles

MaGIC 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2
I come across Magic from a news article in the paper. I am still confused about what it does. Do you guys support entrepreneurs or provide support in terms of training?

In a big picture, MaGIC mission is to catalyse the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Malaysia, bringing together the abundant resources from partners and communities alike, and to develop entrepreneurs of enduring, high growth startups that will make positive impact at a regional or global scale.

To do that, MaGIC has the 3C's approach:
  • We will Connect the dots and map out existing resources for entrepreneurs. To fill in any potential gaps in the ecosystem. Check out our MaGIC Central Resource Tool and Community at MaGIC.
  • We Collaborate with the right partners and agencies to deliver programs. Check out events happening at MaGIC. 
  • We Create new programs where needed. Everything we do at MaGIC will be scalable, sustainable and community-centric. Check out our upcoming MaGIC Startup Academy and program.