Forwarding Enquiry: Innovative idea of GPS & Broadband

MaGIC 6 years ago updated by TPM 6 years ago 3
I have one new innovative idea of GPS & Broadband incorporated video cam device to reduce accident on road. I am confident this device can help reduce the accident on road about 20-30%. A simple device cost about rm500-rm800/200-300USD, which incorporated into the car. This program can even incorporate with the GPS system for better community navigation experience. But, I have lack of the fund, software & technology to work out for the final device. .

On the road, each car already becomes a fragile entity that expose to much risks. Thus, we need a proper & systematic system to protect them from any threads that lead to casualty.

I have prepared the proposal for this device. But, I had no idea to propose this idea to any company. Can I get the advice from MAGIC about this? Thanks for the advice.
Hi, Perhaps we can schedule for a discussion at Technology Park Malaysia (TPM),IIC, Level 2 to explore & understand more about your products & ideas. Please email us at amir@tpm.com.my OR call us at 03.89923000

Thank You