Looking for Team Partner (Programmer / Web Developer)

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Hi, All.
I’m Lui (chiaboon.lui@gmail.com) and I have been working on a start-up idea since late 2014.
I hope, thru MaGIC, i could reach out other like-minded individual or team and to explore the possibility of work together on the following start-up project.

My Background
I practiced chemical engineering for about 10 years. I left my job in early 2014 and since then I work on my own small project about student accommodation.
By practicing, I learn about the lean start-up, customer development methodology, Google Analytics, SEO, and some fundamental knowledge about growth hacking.

Brief About The Project.
The intention of the project is to facilitate the learning of college / university students and to foster quality learning resources.
From the view of business model, the above database could then be capitalized via several revenue models.

Current Challenges
After went through the Problem Interviews with college students, I gained some insights about their current behaviors and validated the “Problems” assumptions in my lean business canvas.
At this stage, a MVP is required to further test on the hypothesis of the solution. Therefore, I am searching for team partner(s) who:
1. Is a programmer / web developer with entrepreneur mindset, commitment and integrity.
2. Is financially independent.
3. Has practical knowledge on Python.
4. (Optional) Has some practical knowledge on git and github.
5. (Optional) Has some practical knowledge about google analytics, google tag manager, google webmaster tool.

I have the basic source code for the MVP and should be sufficient to develop the MVP.

Similar to most of the individual who works on his/her own start-up project, I have no budget for hiring but full commitment to push the project as much as I can before running out my resources.

I am open for any advice and recommendation on getting the right team, resources for this project.
I could be reached at chiaboon.lui@gmail.com

Thanks a lot.

(24th April 2015)
Searching answer
Hi Lui,

Good that you have validated your idea and about to build your MVP. We gonna seek people whom can lead you to our pool of graduate programmer / developer from our MaGIC Academy.

While waiting for that, you can take a look in our Cheatlist where there are list of developers that you can contact and see if they fit to your needs.
Thank you for your prompt reply, MaGIC.
As my start-up project is still in the learning stage, the MVP will be subjected to change along the way.
This put me into a dilemma as most of the paid service would only do the job with properly defined scopes or otherwise extra costs are to be expected. Also, pivoting takes time and it is hard to convince a service, which looks for immediate profit, to commit in developing the product.

As a result, I took the chance to put out a call for team partner(s) here, hoping to reach out individual / team who might interested to work together on this start-up idea.
It is tough but i just have to keep trying.

Thank you for your help, MaGIC. Really appreciated.

(25th April 2015)
Hi Lui,

There are a few ways to getting the ball rolling.

1. In the interim, you are technically the sole founder, and while waiting for a the right person or team, you can play the role of the tech co-founder. This opens up various learning opportunities for yourself, both in understanding how you can build the app yourself (by picking up some basic programming via programs such as codecademy.com, teamtreehouse.com or the various MaGIC programming bootcamps and workshops. By participating in the workshops, you'll likely meet like minded folks who are learning to build, but also, the instructors can generally provide you further pointers on who you could speak with that they know might be looking for something to work on.

2. Be part of the community - physical. There are hackathons, co-working spaces (there's one at MaGIC) and meetups. Go to everyone of them and check things out. Before Ching Wei started working on iMoney - he was hanging out at StartupMamak. If you have picked up enough HTML/CSS and some backend programming to build a simple app, that can make a lot of difference with the hackathon teams. Start winning some hackathons and then invite the team together for a follow-up, for example, there's an upcoming startup accelerator program coming up at MaGIC that's called MAP - http://map.mymagic.my

3. Further validate your idea. While its great to have some anecdotal insights based on your research, consider spending further resources to validating the idea in a larger pool. See if you could scale up further research to the point that your offering would allow you to collect some upfront payment from your target customer market. This is also known as the "Kickstarter way" - because if you have a project that already has very viable traction (pre-orders), when you do meet with capable developers, your project would stand out. Great developers receive offers all the time and from their point of view, they'd like to work on an idea that could scale and with fellow co-founders who can really get things done. (If you have explored step #1 for a while and become known as a developer, you'll probably see some proposals floating your way).

All the best.

Thanks, Alex.
Thank you for your insightful and in-depth comments.


Hi there, I was wondering if there was any updated version of the "cheatlist", as the link above seems to be broken.

I am in a similar position as Lui was 3 months ago, looking for a technical head/co founder

Many thanks