Forwarding Enquiry: Idea of Entrepreneurship

MaGIC 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 2
I have a brilliant business idea involving breakfast food and the concept of a fun way to start your day. I won't get into the details but it excites me to see the trend of new restaurants and businesses for the past year and I feel like it is such a good time to venture into the food industry and do something out of the ordinary. Trust me, my idea is pretty extraordinary. However, I am way too young to be opening and managing my own "hipster" cafe and I do not have the proper resources to even start-up. I don't have the time or the money to invest in something so big. I did get the idea of maybe selling my business idea but I'm not sure if that is a thing. My Mom did tell me that I can ask you guys about it so I thought, why not?
Hi, first of all, take a look of previous post here. This would be a good read for you to start your venture.

Next, you can book appointment to meet us and we'll could assist you further.

Best regards.