Forwarding Enquiry: Seeking for government body helps

MaGIC 6 years ago updated by Alif Aiman 6 years ago 2
I understood that MAGIC could provide an advice for those would like to be entrepreneur.
Basically I'm a qualified musician for past 20 years. Now I'm 35 years old. At the moment I became composer. composed few songs in Tamil and did background music for a local movie called PUYAL 18 which was released in cinema on Deepavali 2014.

Now I would like to do in more professional way. I would like to venture my self into Malay and Chinese. the problem at the moment is I don't know which government body that i need to register my self. I need sample of contracts...
basically i have zero knowledge . I really don't know trough which channels that i got to register myself.

I would really appreciate If your good-self advice me on this matter.

Hi, in terms of agencies spearheading creative arts industry, you may want to check out My Creative Ventures and FINAS.
You can start from those agencies and explore more possibilities. Feel free to ask further should you have more enquiries.

Best regards.