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MaGIC have established a satellite MaGIC at Kuching. The place known as Borneo 744 hosts venue and infrastructure for startups in Kuching. We have Amirin who helps building the community and running the place there. 

Should you need to speak with him, you can book for a time with him at our Mentorship page here. Can do it via Video Call too.

Hi Prisca,

Idea is not patentable, that means legally you can't claim proprietary over an idea. The product of the idea may be patentable.

But you might not even have to worry about someone stealing your idea. Why?

Because idea by itself worth little to no value.

It's the execution of the idea that generates the value. So what happens when someone stole your idea and created a successful million dollars worth of company out of it? It's because of the execution.

It is better to share your idea so you could gain valuable feedback that could result in more & better idea.

Here is some article for your further reading.

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Build apps / software requires basic skills in programming. An institution that offers this education is NEXT Academy

Hi, you can learn to develope apps at some of our courses here

Hi, the mentioned program can be applied online at their respective websites.

Since the programs are not running right now, the application will open nearer to the date, for the time being, you can subscribe to our newsletter to get notified.



Bagi mendapatkan ilham idea perniagaan, terdapat banyak website yang berkongsi idea-idea sepertinya, salah satu adalah seperti ini

Kemudian, anda boleh merancang model perniagaan (business model) dengan menggunakan Business Model Canvas seperti di sini. Melalui kaedah ini, anda akan dapat menilai bentuk idea & model perniagaan yang sesuai.