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Forwarding Enquiry: Platform for young researchers

MaGIC 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 4
I am Ahmad Muzaffar, Master Candidate 1st Year, Keio University, Japan.
I was graduated from the Department of Electronics Engineering at the same university.

I knew about MaGIC from my senior, Mr. Khairil Adri, the founder and CEO of DreamEDGE Company. I believe that MaGIC has sparked great efforts towards promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

My passion is inventing new technology using sensors and electronic devices as well as doing business. I stayed in Japan for almost 3 years and I am doing research mainly on developing device platform for sensors. Japan is a great model of innovative country especially in sensors technology.

I really want to transfer the technology and innovation to Malaysia.Does MaGIC provide any chance or platform for young researchers especially students to work part time or provide any grant for them to contribute in new inventions?


Digital Zoopedia, One of Malaysia's Top Developer Company

Henry Cartwright 1 year ago 0

If you're interested to collaborate with them to expand their business, do check them out. They provide services like Web Design, Mobile App Development, SEO Services, Social Media, and E-Commerce. They are located in Kelana Jaya. I also heard a lot of positive feedbacks from people who collaborated with them before.


Graphic Design Freelance Can Work at MaGic

Nuruldesigner 3 years ago updated by MaGIC 3 years ago 1

Hi my name is Nurul. I've been here at magic before this with my ex-company. If there any startup need my skill please email me. I need flexible time working with my lowest pay -salary. Skillset as graphic designer since 2013. From website-corporate design-packaging-publishing. Thanks and have a nice day!


What is the role of an ISO consultant for an ISO certification!

proiso 5 months ago 0

Question itself suggest the role of the consultant and process of complete ISO certification is to provide the consultation for the organisation in each and every step-in order to become ISO Certified company. The fundamental qualities that a consultation must possess are particularly specified based on the implementation of different types of ISO standards. ISO is a Non-governmental and non-profitable organisation established on 23rd of February 1947, by a group of delegates across the country with enormous amount of standard requirements knowledge.

The motto of this organisation is to publish International standards based on different aspects of business and commercial ideas. The international standards that are published by ISO Certification in Saudi Arabia are initially supported by a technical committee which consists of a vast employee and widely used knowledge across the world. Final a draft copy is submitted to the organisation called international organisation for standardization (ISO). Based on the literal existence of the concepts, process and the improvements in the world, so will decide to publish the International standard with the supported statement and proof that are provided by the technical committee. Any International standard that are published by ISO will have a large background work and many supportive proves. That is the reason why a consultant who is implementing any specific International standards that are published by ISO must have an enormous knowledge about both ISO and the standard. Based on this and the requirements of the organisation where the standard implementation is necessary, placing the clauses each and every corner of the organisation starts with a procedural manner. The roles and responsibility of a consultant plays a major role in in achieving the certification for the organisation.


Green energy certification from Malaysian Government Body

Lim CH 1 year ago 0

We are a new setup specializing in Solar LED lighting solution.  We have just gotten SIRIM certification on our products.  How shall we go about in obtaining the related green energy certification so to facilitate our entry into both domestic and overseas market.


Why there is no more data analytics course or please have some IR4.0 related tech courses??!!

meideekhor 1 year ago updated by excelr malaysia 11 months ago 3

I found the programs offered are becoming more and more unfriendly for working adults who keen to explore the technologies. What happened to MaGIC compared to 3-4 years back?? When courses are skill set based and short term tech courses were collaborated pro actively back then when Christine was the CEO. 


What is a Virtual Office Kuala Lumpur?

Alina Megat 1 year ago 0

A Virtual Office KL is part of the flexible workspace that we provide businesses, with a combination of useful services, space and/or technology, without your businesses having to bear the capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office.

Let us take care of your professional front by providing you with a reputable business address and managing all incoming and outgoing mail on your behalf.

Set up a VIRTUAL OFFICE KL with us today!


How To Have A Fantastic Event Space in Kuala Lumpur?

Alina Megat 1 year ago 0

Looking for a chic event space in Kuala Lumpur?


how serviced office is different from virtual office?

Alina Megat 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

please explain the difference between serviced office and virtual office?